Drought at the Plot and Berlin

On 1 July, after returning from a visit to the Berlin Biennale, the Allotment Plot experienced a quick hoe down. The ground was exceptionally dry, the BBC weather person reported it was the driest first half of the year since 1929! Seaweed water was applied in a form of soaking action. Some of the plants seemed to be flourishing even though they were experiencing drought. Marigold flowers had opened in vivid shades of orange. A few flowers had appeared on the tomato plants.

Pot Marigold

The Garlic scapes continue to develop; soon the plants will be harvested. If Garlic plants are left too long their visibility above ground starts to diminish, their green stalks fade to dry wisps and then disappear altogether leaving the Garlic cloves hidden beneath the soil.

Garlic Scape Stalk

Squash plants that could be growing in all directions to reach out tendrils in random directions are still static, but at any moment the directional journeys could begin. A sparse mixed line of Lettuce seeds were applied with Florence Fennel Romanesco. The lettuce seeds were Lollo Rosso, Marvel of the Four Seasons and Solix.

Squash & Lettuce

The Heavy Metal CDs seem to have deterred some of the Pigeon activity, but as the CDs are an on going experiment in plant defense systems the situation will need to be carefully monitored.

Allotment July 1

Berlin is one third green space. It has some large parks and many trees. Berlin like the rest of Germany also has Allotment gardens know mostly as “Kleingärten”or “Schrebergärten”. Traveling across Germany by train it is possible to catch glimpses of Allotments close to the railway lines as one can in the UK.

Germany Allotment