Kate Corder has an extensive archive of oil and watercolour paintings, drawings, photographs and prints. The prints include lithographs, linocuts, woodcuts, monoprints and etchings. Most of these artworks are not shown on this website. Please contact her directly if you would like to view her work or are interested in exhibiting anything.


Hinged (2008), vegetable watercolour on linen

Herb Garden

Herb Garden (2006) plants, soil, viewed from inside through a CCTV camera and restricted window


Zen Box Garden (2006), cardboard, wood, chipboard, papier mache, newsprint


CND (2005), vegetable watercolour on linen


Hippy Coffee Table (2005), plywood, G-Plan coffee table frame, fake suede, plastic beads, dried flowers. Dragons and Unicorns (2005), vegetable watercolor, ink pens, on linen


Dragons and Unicorns (2005), vegetable watercolor, ink pens, on linen

Dragons living in their own worlds without George (2005), vegetable watercolor, ink pens, on linen

Forest Burn (2006), vegetable watercolour on linen

Ice Melting (2006), vegetable watercolour on canvas

Ice Melting Polar Bear (2006), vegetable watercolour on canvas

Starving Polar Bear (2006), watercolour and pen on canvas

Ice Melt Polar Bear (2006), vegetable watercolour and pen on canvas

Volcano (2006), vegetable watercolour and pen on linen

Kate Corder’s paintings, prints and drawings over time have explored themes connected to mythology, Leda and the swan, women with swans and peacocks, mythical landscapes, Icarus, sea creatures, dragons, climate change, endangered plants, dogs, cats and rabbits, colour, animals playing games and knitting, farm life, veganism, plant material, places, ecologies and flowers. In early work Kate often used herself as a female character in sketched cityscapes or interiors (lithographic, linocut and etching prints) and New York street scenes always accompanied by companion animals.

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