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Thorpe and the Shed

Ella Montt and Thorpe were discussing the Shed at Allotment Plot 326. Ella Montt was heard to say, “but my Shed is not in an advanced stage of dereliction*, it is recycled and according to your description of what a Shed’s visual needs should be, it conforms in all aspects, because it is not made up of randomly collected material.” Thorpe nodded, consenting acknowledgement to his own Report*. Ella Montt went on to say,”However, I think I will paint it, perhaps this action will make it more effective against rain penetration, because it appears to be not very watertight?” Thorpe’s face brightened, then he offered to help paint the Shed.

Whilst they were painting, Ella Montt and Thorpe continued to discuss his report. Ella Montt was curious as to why Thorpe, who had been a member of the Labour Party, had so wished to beautify Allotments and classify them as Leisure Gardens. Allotment Plots were granted originally for the proletariat or unemployed, and used by individuals and families to grow food for themselves. War in the twentieth century had broken down the barriers of Allotment Plot holding, because of the necessity for All to grow food thus changing the demographic. So far in the Allotment Plot Ella Montt had not experienced leisure in the process of working her Plot.

*The Thorpe Report (p 199)

* Departmental Committee of Inquiry of Allotments Report (1969)

Shed and Plot 326

A Shed had been acquired from a recycling website; it sat for a while wrapped up at Plot 326. Concrete paving slabs were found through the same recycling source method. An area had been cleared at Plot 326 for the Shed near the Apple Tree (that was in need of drastic pruning). The concrete slabs were placed in position, time passed and then one day the Shed was erected. The Shed is modest in size at 4ft by 6ft and useful as a place of shelter at the exposed Allotment site.  The Shed is not water tight and needs to be made more so. It is hoped that wildlife as in unwanted will not deem to enter the Shed.

Recycled Shed 1

Bramble extraction is an on going process at Plot 326, this involves much digging, which will take much time and energy. Seeds that were planted are meanwhile germinating. Pieces of wire netting were accumulated and positioned around the planted area to try to deter land based wildlife from roaming freely in forging activity.

Plot 1Plot 2Plot 3

Recycled Shed 2