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Ella Montt journeyed East from London to a specific Place, (for now an undisclosed location). Fields were traversed, conversations and images recorded as part of the Ella Montt’s methodology.

Field A

The tree, the fields, what history they hold hidden in their memory. The Place contained an Event that went on as a process extended over time spanning growing seasons and years. The Event became an Influence that would reach into the Future.

Field B

Wild blossom of a Blackthorn winter surrounded the stubble fields that were left to rest fallow for a year. The other fields planted with wheat were greening over under the heat of the sun. The significance of the fields and their history may be unconsciously felt by many, as tangible but without knowledge of their origination.

Field C

The Tree, an ancient oak, reported to be 900 years or so old, has collapsed to the ground. The Tree has witnessed many happenings and is highly important as part of the Place. The Place is a Monument to labour specific human activity.

Tree 1Tree 2