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Planting and Weeding

Planting Performance (4) occurred on 13/05/2010. The weather conditions were warm and sunny. For several days prior to the Planting event, it had looked like it may rain, the previous evening dark storm clouds had gathered, but no rain fell. Temperatures were dipping down at night causing frost damage to some plants, but luckily not on the Allotment Plot.

The state of the Plot reports as follows; the Broadbeans had almost finished flowering, the dying flowers that have turned black, will form their bean pods over the next few weeks. The Peas, now very much recovered from the cold winter, are flowering so the first Pea pods will arrive soon. The garlic continues to grow as does the onion sets, although the Garlic has always seemed to be growing far more rapidly than the Onions. The over wintered Spinach that was supposed to provide food through out the winter, is now going to seed and the leaves are still small.

The Brassicas have been attacked and eaten by predators, possibly pigeons, leaving the skeletal frames of the seedlings. Will the Brassicas recover or are they doomed to crop failure? Is this high or low drama on the Plot? What may seem comparatively insignificant in the scheme of the Plot, could in months to come, when the greens are most needed for nutritional requirements, mean that there is a substantial deficit in food production, producing a hungry gap that should not be there at that time. Covering the Brassicas may assist in their recovery, but it may not, because the damage could be too great. The situation will be carefully monitored.


Planted at the Plot on that day in honour of Guerrilla Gardeners everywhere was a sunflower seeding and sunflower seeds. Weeding then prevailed. Using a hoe and also by hand many weeds were removed from the plot. Weeding will be an on going activity on the Plot.

Is the viewer aware that this Allotment Plot is a live Art situation? It is an on going event that can be visited in Museum opening times. The Plot is growing its own aesthetic. Ella Montt will not always be there, but the Allotment Plot is. Does this particular Plot differ from the two other vegetable plots in the garden and what makes it Art? Weeding 1

Weeding 2

Allotment Plot

The plot thickens. A uniform is most sort after for the Community Gardener and will be under construction sometime soon…..

Herbs were planted at the Allotment Plot at MERL; sage, garlic chives, mint, roots scavenged from the somewhat altered Herb Garden at the Fine Art Department.


Digital images were taken of peas, broad beans, onions, garlic, and spinach pushing through the soil as the plot thickens. The weather is most Autumnal, Winter is approaching, it is close to December. Much rain and wind, now frost perhaps on its way, what will happen to the peas? They are not clothed in horticultural fleece, how long will they survive without protection?

Still no slugs in sight, this pleases the Community Gardener.

BroadbeanBeans and Peas

Guerrilla Gardening

Yesterday I went Guerrilla Gardening. The location was at the end of Cumberland Road just below School Terrace in Reading. The project was to weed a big neglected concrete tub, then to plant bulbs and other garden vegetation in it. Whilst I worked on the tub, various people spoke to me, most of them thanked me for what I was doing, a couple of kids ask me whether what I was doing was legal and I told them that I was the “Community Gardener”, (I think I should get a jacket of some sort with that name/ title printed on it). The soil was pretty good, I may take some extra peatfree compost down there at some point. I planted a selection of bulbs, including daffodils, tulips, and irises. I may add some other plants in the next week or so for more immediate interest.