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Vegetable race against time

Allotment Plot 326 – 28th August 2012: a dry day that contained some sunshine. Dark matter was hidden in the infinite Universe, invisible to the naked human eye. The dark matter had its own secrets, which might be revealed to humans later if investigations are continued. Infinity stretched far beyond the reach of human satellites and telescopes that focused on dying stars exploding across many galaxies. Was time slowing down or gaining momentum? The Allotment Plot had not received the torrential rain that had drenched other areas within land proximity. The Ice was still melting. Some humans waited with eager anticipation for the moment when drilling for oil could commence, other humans strived to erect a force field to make this action never happen. Profit was on the oil drillers minds rather than destruction of any environment. The Ice environment is the habitat of millions of life forms. A new environment can be created, an adaption of the habitat. Life forms are adaptable as long as they remain life forms and do not cease to exist. Perhaps when life forms perish their existence reappears in other positions in the universe and becomes not just a forgotten energy residue? Like an exploding star, but seemingly without the velocity physical matter can rearrange its self and any consciousness will float through the universe until it manifests in another form that could be the wind or the rain or a bee. The Red Planet sent back its own images via the Curiosity Rover. The curiosity continued, Ella Montt wanted to see the green planets and know what other life forms are out there, but she knew life may not in actuality be friendly.

At Allotment Plot 326, Ella Montt hunted for more Potato tubers in the soil, but was disappointed at the lack of tubers that she found. The vegetable growing year was disappointing for some produce, but still held promise for others. Greens were germinating, Bean plants were climbing, Squash plants were flowering, but so far only formed one fruit. Bees were very busy on the Raspberry plants. A vegetable race against time and the first frost was in effect.

Seeds planted: Spinach Giant Winter.

Harvest: Potato Desiree = 4lb 2oz = 1.88kg; Wild Blackberries = 14oz = 400g; Broad Beans Hangdown Green = 5oz = 140g; Chard = 5oz = 140g; Mizuna = 3oz = 80g; 4 x Raspberries.

30th August 2012 – At Allotment plot at MERL there was nothing to harvest apart from Pot Marigold seeds. Ella Montt had expected Beans (Climbing or Runner), but the Beans were in the process of flowering and constructing vegetable matter. The Beans would not be ready for at least a week or to a fortnight in human time. Tomatoes and Rocket sat rooted to the soil, but with no enthusiasm to grow. There was no physical restriction apart from in adequate moisture or temperature relativity. Productivity of the Plot was failing. The Plots’ life span was starting to fold in on its self, decrease and deconstruct. Ella Montt gaze shifted to the Beans reaching up to the sky and to infinity somewhere beyond the force of gravity surrounding Earth. This was indeed place tilled.

Harvest: Pot Marigold seed = 1.25oz = 30g.