Monthly Archives: April 2010

Germination at the Plot

Some seeds have germinated at the Allotment Plot. Weeds also have appeared. Removal of weeds needs to be activated. This will be an on going process now that the Spring has arrived. Spring, like any other time of year, possesses a diverse spectrum of elemental weather conditions. Warmth from sunlight can be followed by fog and cloud. Sudden outbursts of thunder and lightening can be followed by torrential rainfall or sharp bursts of solid precipitation, hail. The temperature of both day and night time is inconsistent, frost is still a danger and snow also, this danger will last for the month of April and can extend to the month of May. Strong wind can rip tiny fruits and nuts from trees. Damage to fruits and vegetables could happen at anytime.There is no knowing what the harvest will be. Meanwhile, the hours of daylight are extending, which accelerates germination and growth.Brussel Sprout Seedlings

Twenty-five Red Baron Onion Sets were planted. The plot may now be overloaded with potential. The overwintered peas look like they are failing, weather damage has taken its toll, harvest amounts therefore may be very low unless replanted. Replanting may not be an option. If human survival is dependent on the harvest, it is yet to be proven.

March Vegetables